OUR Studio

As a mobile fitness studio, Talitha Dance offers fun effective workouts for our clients, the unsung everyday superheroes, taking care of business, and squeezing in fitness between living life and being happy. Our studio offers a chance to hang up the cape for a 45-60 minute me-time fitness happy hour.

Talitha Dance is a wellness resource that helps you re-take control of your fitness. We regularly host inclusive and affordable fitness classes and events that include progressions and modifications for all levels of fitness. Our social media pages share other affordable movement and fitness opportunities, and helpful fitness and nutrition news from trustworthy sources so you stay informed. We associate with (and fund raise for) organizations that similarly seek to lift their communities. We share information on other fitness classes, formats, and personal trainers that can help round out a workout routine. Together with the community, we create a place that makes it easier for you to put away stress and, even if for only 45 minutes, declare “I’m free”!

We greatly appreciate contributions from the community to help us keep the lights on, music pumping, and the party going at affordable prices. If you’d like to contribute, we welcome your donations! Please email talithadance@yahoo.com to donate gifts of fitness supplies such as yoga mats and resistance bands in excellent condition. If you’d like to donate financially just click the donate button!